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Woodbury & Page

Woodbury & Page Photographers Java

Woodbury & Page Photographers Java

Indonesië, oude fotografie

WACHLIN. S., Woodbury & Page Photographers Java, Leiden 1994. Hard cover 25 x 30 cm.[oblong] with 218 pag. and 172 photo's of which 159 full page photo's. Good copy.

The Royal Institute for Linguistics and Anthropology has published a book which may help us to get as close a view of the reality of the Netherlands Indies as we ever can. The book 'Woodbury and Page, Photographers Java' contains photos taken by Woodbury and Page, two Englishmen who set up their shop in 1857 and saw it grow into the most important and prolific photographic firm to have operated in the Netherlands Indies in the 19th century. The firm, which continued to run well after the departure of the original owners, carried its activities into the twentieth century."

Main Chapters:
  • Preface
  • Woodbury & Page, the firm
  • Woodbury & Page, aphotographic journey
  • Chronology of the firm of Woodbury & Page
  • Catalogue of Woodbury & Page photographs(1879)

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