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Shimooka Renjo

Shimooka Renjo A Pioneer of Japanese Photograhy

Shimooka Renjo A Pioneer of Japanese Photograhy

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KAZUO, M. a.o., Shimooka Renjo A Pioneer of Japanese Photograhy, Tokyo 2014. Size: 25.7 x 18.2 cm. 233 pages with 246 photographs. 
"Published in conjunction with the first major retrospective of Shimooka Renjo, held in Tokyo in 2014, this volume collects 246 of this important early Japanese photographer's works, dating from the late Edo period through the Taisho period. In addition to his many photographs, important examples of his work as a painter are introduced here for the first time. Fully translated into English, including all captions, new scholarly research and 
reference texts, this book is an invaluable new resource for collectors, scholars, curators, libraries and anyone interested in the history of photography.
Shimooka Renjo (1823-1914) was a pioneer of photography in Japan, yet until recent years few photographs had been positively attributed to him and little information on his life and work has been available in English. He 
also trained a number of important Japanese photographers including Yokoyama Matsusaburo, Esaki Reiji and Kamei Shiichi, contributing to the spread of photography in Japan.
Scholarly content in this book include articles by Morishige Kazuo (“The Life and Times of Shimooka Renjo"), Saito Takio (“Shimooka Renjo in Shimoda, Uraga and Yokohama"), Ishiguro Keisho (“Shimooka Renjo's Nude 
Photography"), Sebastian Dobson (“The Photographer called `Unshin:' John Wilson"), Minami Miyuki (“The Painter Shimooka Renjo: His Technique as Seen in His Western Paintings") and Mitsui Keishi (“A Pioneer of Japanese Photography: Shimooka Renjo's Place in History"). Japanese-to-English translation by Alice Gordenker and Carol Morland.
The reference section contains an all-new, complete translation into English of Shashin Jireki, an account of Shimooka Renjo's life in his own words. Shimooka Renjo lived into his nineties and had dealings with foreign 
missionaries including James Curtis Hepburn and James Hamilton Ballagh, as well as many of the major artists of his time, such as Takahashi Yuichi and Goseda Horyu.Published by Kokushokankokai Inc. under the supervision of the Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography."

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