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Lucien Gauthier

Tahitian Beauties Lucien Gauthier Photographer 1904-1921

Tahitian Beauties Lucien Gauthier Photographer 1904-1921

Tahiti, oude fotografie

KAKOU, S. , Tahitian Beauties Lucien Gauthier Photographer 1904-1921, Santa Barbara 2009. Hard Cover 31 x 24 cm. 138 pag.with around 125 photographs. 
"The travel narratives of European explorers who discovered Tahiti in the eighteenth century gave birth to the myth of a forgotten Eden. From Bougainville to Gauguin, many adventurous spirits would seek out her shores. In 1904, Lucien Gauthier, enchanted by the island, decided to become a photographer. The collection of images that he would assemble over the next 17 years illustrates the myth of a peaceable paradise. His work, which celebrates the beauty both of Tahitian women and of its verdant landscapes, expresses his personal vision of an ideal world. Today he is recognized as the creator of a photographic icon: the Vahine(a Polynesian woman, esp. of Tahiti). 

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