Latin America

Enrique Stanko Vraz  Mysterious Traveller and photographer

Enrique Stanko Vraz Mysterious Traveller and photographer

Travel photography 1880's - 1890's

Todorovová Jiřina, Enrique Stanko Vraz – Mysterious Traveller and photographe, Prague 2006. Hard cover 22,5 x 16 cm. 184 pages of which 130 pages with photographs. Text in Czech, summaries in English and Spain,
"The publication deals with the character of the famous Czech traveller, Enrique Stanko Vráz (1860-1932), and presents a selection of his unique photographs to the reader. The text is divided into three chapters, each of them devoted to one aspect of the life of this personality – Vráz’s as yet unexplained origin, Vráz’s world travels and Vraz’s photographic activities. The pictorial insertion contains photographs from the years 1885 to 1904 of the regions of Africa (Gold Coast – today’s Ghana, the Canary Islands), South, North and Central America and Asia (Japan, Kalimantan, New Guinea, Thailand, China, Korea, Siberia)."

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Exploring the Archive. Historical Photogr from Latin America

Exploring the Archive. Historical Photogr from Latin America

Early photography America

FISCHER, M. & KRAUS, M., Exploring the Archive. Historical Photography from Latin America, Berlin 2015. Soft cover 24 x 17 cm. 428 pages with 189 photographs.
“The Ethnologisches Museum in Berlin holds more than 6,500 historical black-and-white photographs from Latin America. These images were produced between 1868 and 1936 and mainly depict ethnological and archaeological motifs, although some portray views of urban or natural landscapes. The contributions to this volume focus on particular series from this extensive archive. In doing so, they illustrate the enormous potential for research inherent within such “repositories of memory”, represent a diverse set of approaches and provide varied interpretations of historical photographs”



7 MICHAEL KRAUS  Exploring the Archive. An Introduction

9 HORST JUNKER The Berliner Gesellschaft für Anthropologie, Ethnologie und Urgeschichte and its Photograph Collection

49 KERSTIN BARTELS Hans Heinrich Brüning’s silver gelatin glass negatives as research source material

69 PASCAL RIVIALE Archaeological collections in Peru and their international influence 
during the nineteenth century

89 STEFANIE GÄNGER Picturing Antiquities. Photographs of Pre-Columbian Objects from the Collection of José Mariano Macedo (1870s–1890s)

109 MARGRIT PRUSSAT  Carte de visite photography in South America. The mass-produced portrait

129 HINNERK ONKEN Postcards from Latin America

151 FRANK STEPHAN KOHL Commercial photography from the Upper Amazon and Early Anthropology

175 ANDREAS VALENTIN The Kroehle-Hübner photographic collection

193 PAUL HEMPEL Paul Ehrenreich – the photographer in the shadows during the 
second Xingu expedition 1887–88

209 MICHAEL KRAUS “More news will follow”– Wilhelm Kissenberth’s ethnographic photographs from Northeast and Central Brazil


281 ADRIANA MUÑOZ Making the ethnographical archive in Gothenburg. The exchange of photographs in the beginning of the twentieth century between Gothenburg and Berlin

299 MANUELA FISCHER Images from the colony Nueva Germania in Paraguay

319 INGRID KUMMELS Indigenous long-distance runners and the globalisation of sport in the 1930s. The Tarahumara (Rarámuri) in the photography of the sports reporter Arthur E.Grix

339  FRANZ THIEL Abel Briquet’s Photograph Collection

361 CLAUDINE LEYSINGER Teobert Maler and Mexican Archaeology. An Exploration of a Discipline in the Making

367 HEIKO PRÜMERS Hans Heinrich Brüning and Archaeology

387 Index of Peoples

411 Index of Persons

413 About the authors

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Fotografie Latin Amerika von 1860 bis heute

Fotografie Latin Amerika von 1860 bis heute

South America, old & modern photography

BILLITER,E., Fotografie Latin Amerika von 1860 bis heute, Zürich 1981. Soft cover (oblong) 28 x 22 cm. 416 pag. with ca. 400 full-page photo's. 

  • Alvarez, B.M.
  • Alvarez, T.
  • Andujar, C.
  • Armas, R.
  • Ayerza, F. Dr.
  • Barait
  • Báscones, J.
  • Benzo, J.J.
  • Bisilliat, M.
  • Blanco, L.
  • Boote, S.
  • Bostelman, E. 
  • Bradley
  • Brehme, H.
  • Canas Boix, I.
  • Casals, G.J.
  • Casasola, A.V.
  • Chambi, M.
  • Chute and Brooks
  • Coppola, H.
  • Corrales, R.
  • Courret, E.
  • Coutinho, A.
  • Cravo Neto, M.
  • Cubela, J.
  • D'Amico, A.
  • Di Sandro, J.
  • Eleta, S
  • Facio, S.
  • Fernandez Ackermann, L.F.
  • Ferrez, M
  • Fontana, R.
  • Frisch, A.
  • Gaensly, G.W.
  • Garcia,  Joya, M
  • Garcia, R.
  • Gasparini, P.
  • Grobet, l.
  • Grupo Forum
  • Guillén, A.
  • Haya, M.E.
  • Heffer
  • Heinrich, A.
  • Henschel, A.
  • Iturbide, G.
  • Korda, A.
  • Lessman, F.C.
  • Makarius Sameer, F.
  • Malta, A.
  • Mariani, A.H.
  • Mascaro, C.A.
  • Maunoury, E.
  • Molina, F.
  • Morin, F.
  • Mulock, B.R
  • Neyra, J.L.
  • Obando, J.C.
  • Orive, M.C.
  • Ortiz Monasterio, P.
  • Paillet, F.
  • Panunzi, B.
  • Razetti, R.
  • Rivadeneira, B.
  • Rivas, H.
  • Rodriguez, M.
  • Sadermann, A.
  • San Martin, M.
  • Sessa, A.
  • Sigala, J.
  • Stahl, A.
  • Stern, G.
  • Toro, L.F.
  • Vilela, J.F.
  • Witcomb, A.S.
  • Yampolsky, M.

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Nineteenth-Century South America Photographs

Nineteenth-Century South America Photographs

South America, early photography

HOFFENBERG, H.L., Nineteenth-Century South America Photographs, New York 1982. Soft cover 22,5 x 31 cm. 152 pag. with 205 photographs. Fold in right corner front page, corners some curling. Good copy.
Content divided in 9 chapters:
  • Urban life
  • Ports
  • Transportation
  • State & Politics
  • Military
  • Leisure
  • Rural life
  • Indians
  • Natural Wonders

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Odagot  Photographs of American Indians 1860-1920

Odagot Photographs of American Indians 1860-1920

North and South America, early photography

GROENEVELD, A., ODAGOT Indianen gefotografeerd 1860-1920 / Photographs of American Indians 1860-1920, Amsterdam 1992. Hard cover(original copy soft cover) 21 x 25,5 cm. 110 pages 103 photographs with biograhies of c. 35 photograhers.Library copy with a stamp on inner front cover and back cover pages. Good copy. Text both in Dutch and English.
"Interesting because it covers Indian populations both in North and South America." 

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