Around Laos in 1900

Around Laos in 1900

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RAQUEZ,A., Around Laos in 1900(Vol. 2), Bangkok 2013(publ.: White Lotus //978-974-8434-01-8). Soft cover 14,5 x 21 cm. 180 pages with 288 photographs. Reprint, photograph quality poor due to lack of quality of used originals.
"Around Laos in 1900, A Photographer’s Adventures Vol. 2 is the compendium volume to Around Laos in 1900 which was printed without the photos. This volume contains 280 photos Raquez made during his seven months trip through Laos. Raquez travelled in Laos from 1898– 1906. He was the first photographer who systematically recorded in pictures the lives of the people in Laos." 

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