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John Swope

A letter from Japan. The photographs of John Swope

A letter from Japan. The photographs of John Swope

Japan, photography

PETER, C., A letter from Japan. The photographs of John Swope, Los Angeles 2006. Hard cover 22 x 27 cm. 255 pages with 115 photographs of which 77 covering postwar Japan(1945).
"As one of the first American photographers to set foot on Japanese soil at the end of World War II--even before Japan had officially surrendered--John Swope experienced and recorded a critical, peculiar and fragile moment in the history of the East and of a war-torn world. His powerful photo essay is complemented here, as he had hoped it would be one day, by excerpts from the 144-page letter he wrote to his wife, the actress Dorothy McGuire, during the three weeks he spent traveling with an elite team of Edward Steichen Naval photographers tapped to document the release of Allied prisoners of war. Swope went far beyond his official duties to convey the impact of World War II on the local population and the land, as well as the freed soldiers. Having visited Japan 15 years before, as a young man, he had a better sense than some of his colleagues of just what had been destroyed, and he struggled with it."

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