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John Saché

John Saché. A Photographer in British India 1864-1882

John Saché. A Photographer in British India 1864-1882

India, early photography

RAYNER, H., John Saché. A Photographeer in British India 1864-1882, Bath 2012. Soft cover 14,5 x 21 cm. 38 pages with 45 photographs.
"John Edward Sache was one of the more prominent 19th century European photographers in India. He began his career in America and then surfaced in Calcutta in 1865, where he formed a partnership with Westfield. He worked in Bombay in 1869, and then with Colin Murray until 1870. During the 1870's, Sache ran studios in Lucknow, Naini Tal, Meerut and Mussoorie. Sache left India in the early 1880's. Although a successful photographer, he is reputed to have copied photographs first taken by Samuel Bourne, re-photographing locations so precisely that they seem like original Bournes. He produced well over 1000 fine topographical views, architectural and portrait studies. This booklet documents his life and work; illustrated with a range of newly discovered portraits of him, pictures 
of his studios, and personal photographs of his wife and family; as well as an extensive catalogue of over 500 of  his published topographical photographs".        


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