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Jean Philippe Vogel

A Vision of splendour  Photographs of J.F. Vogel 1901-1913

A Vision of splendour Photographs of J.F. Vogel 1901-1913

India, oude fotografie

THEUNS-DE BOER,G., A Vision of Splendour  Indian Heritage in the Photographs of Jean Philippe Vogel 1903-1913, New Delhi 2008. Hard cover 24 x 29 cm.[oblong] 192 pag. met 150 foto's.  
"A colonial and photographic history that accompanied the exhibition at the National Museum in Delhi. Vogel (1871-1958) was a rather remarkable Dutchman who took up a position in the Archaeological Survey of India as superintendent of the Panjab, Baluchistan and Ajmir Circle in 1901. His office was in Lahore, and he became deputy director general of the ASI between 1910 and 1912, during which time his job took him to Burma. Vogel was a scholar in Sanskrit and epigraphy (the study of ancient inscriptions), and served his office with enthusiasm and rigour. His collection of 10,000 survey photographs are now kept in the Kern Institute, Leiden, the centre of expertise in Indian archaeology set up by Vogel in 1924."

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