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Désiré Charnay

Désiré Charnay Expeditionary Photographer

Désiré Charnay Expeditionary Photographer

early photography in Mexico, Madagascar, Java & Australia

DAVIS, K.F., Désiré Charnay Expeditionary Photographer, Albuquerque 1981 University of New Mexico Press. Hard cover with dust jacket 20, 5 x 26 cm. 212 pag. with 124 photographs. 
"Claude-Joseph Désiré Charnay (2 May 1828 – 24 October 1915) was a French traveller and archaeologist notable both for his explorations of Mexico and Central America, and for the pioneering use of photography to document his discoveries. He was born in Fleurie, and studied at the Lycée Charlemagne. In 1850, he became a teacher in New Orleans, Louisiana, and there became acquainted with John Lloyd Stephens's books of travel in Yucatan. He travelled in Mexico, under a commission from the French ministry of education, in 1857-1861; in Madagascar in 1863; in South America, particularly Chile and Argentina, in 1875; and in Java and Australia in 1878. In 1880-1883, he again visited the ruined cities of Mexico. As traveler and writer of considerable fame in the late nineteenth century, Charnay made the first photographs of Mayan ruins in Mexico when he visited Chichén-Itzá, Palenque, Mitla, Izamal, and Uxmal in 1859. Later he took many other photographs in Mexico and in Madagascar, Java, and Australia . [The book] is important in the history of photography, anthropology, and archaeology."

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