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Burton Brothers

Burton Brothers Photographers in New -Zealand 1866-1898

Burton Brothers Photographers in New -Zealand 1866-1898

Pacific, oude fotografie

REEDIJK,H., Burton Brothers Photographers in New Zealand 1866-1898, Amsterdam 1998. Soft cover 21 x 25 cm. 87 pag. met 75 foto's. Text in Dutch and English.

  • Burton Bros
  • Introduction
  • The Burton Bros.
  • Alfred Burton on FijiSamoa and Tonga
  • Alfred Burton and the Maori at home
  • Bibliography
Part of “Fragment Uitgeverij[publisher]”series. The series are based on the photography collection of the Rotterdam Museum of Ethnology. 
The series consist of 5 parts:
  1. Photography in Surinam 1839-1939(Am-Sur-001)
  2. Images of the Orient Photography and Tourism 1860-1900.(O-Gen-001)
  3. Burton Brothers. Photographers in New Zealand 1866-1898.(Pac-NZ-001)
  4. Toekang Potret, photography in the Dutch East Indies 1839-1939.
  5. From Bombay to Shanghai(A-Gen-001)

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