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Baldomero Alejos

Ungleichzeitigkeiten der Moderne

Ungleichzeitigkeiten der Moderne

Peru, oude fotografie

FISCHER, M. & NOACK, K. & ZIEHE,I., Ungleichzeitigkeiten der Moderne / Der Studiofotograf Baldomero Alejos in Ayacucho-Peru // Anacronismos de la Modernidad / El fotografo de estudio Baldomero Alejos en Ayacucho-Peru, Berlijn 2008. Soft cover 21 x 30 cm. 160 pag. with 55 photo's. Text in German and Spanish.

Baldomero Alejos (1902-1976) is considered one of the best peruvian photographers of the last century. His artistic legacy, of more than 60,000 images, is the most complete, documented and valuable visual testimony of more than 50 years (1924-1976) of the social life of Ayacucho, a small town in the Sierra of Peru. Through his photographs we can be witnesses of the development of a town over the years, from a traditional society to its openness to the modernity, education and democratization, during the peaceful times before the terrorism started. Researchers from Germany and Peru investigated the work of Baldomero Alejos in the context of his time and the photographic European tradition. A book, written in German and Spanish, accompanied by magnificent photographs.

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