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Arthur Elliot

A Cape Camera. Photographs from the Arthur Elliot Collection

A Cape Camera. Photographs from the Arthur Elliot Collection

South Africa, early architural photography

FRANSEN, H. , A Cape Camera. The architectural beauty of the Old Cape. Photographs from the Arthur Elliot Collection in the Cape Archives, Johannesburg 1993(Jonathan Ball Publishers, ISBN 9780868521985). Hard cover 33,5 x 25 cm. 221 pages with 289 photographs. 
“Arthur Elliott (1870 – 1938), was a South African photographer who recorded the passing scene at the Cape. His love of Cape Dutch architecture is expressed in some 10,000 photographs of considerable artistic and historic merit, creating an unrivalled pictorial record of early 20th century buildings at the Cape. Elliott seems to have been determined to record as much as he was able of the old farmhouses, buildings and streets that were rapidly disappearing with the ever-growing pressure to modernise. He had an almost infallible eye for the essential elements that made up a good architectural image.
The qualities that make Elliot’s photographs of old Cape scenes so memorable have something to do with the way the sunlight strikes the irregularity of the white plastered walls; with the way Elliott introduced the human element into his photographs; but mostly with the way his camera conveyed that delicate balance between picturesque dilapidation and unselfconscious prosperity that used to characterise Cape domestic architecture.”

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