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Sidney D. Gamble

Sidney D. Gambles China 1917-1922

Sidney D. Gambles China 1917-1922

Early photography China

Foreword by J. Hersey and L. Carrington, introduction by Jonathan D. Spence, Sidney D. Gamble's China, 1917-1932. Photographs of the Land and Its People, United States 2000/ publisher: Alvin Rosenbaum. ISBN 9780874919165. Black and white photographic illustrations(70 full page photo's and 15 text photo's), 191 pages, folio, brown cloth boards with black & white photo illustration tipped on the upper boards, black lettering stamped direct on upper board, in a matching brown cloth covered folding portfolio with loop closure. In publisher's shippping box.

Sidney D. Gamble (July 12, 1890 – 1968) was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, to David Berry and Mary Huggins Gamble; grandson of James Gamble, who, with William Procter, founded Procter & Gamble in 1837.  He visited China for four extended periods, 1908, 1917–1919, 1924–27, and 1931–1932, doing Christian social work for the Y.M.C.A and conducting social surveys. He is now best known for his remarkable and extensive photographs of Peking and North China. 
In 1917, he joined the work of Princeton-in-Peking and the Peking YMCA where his Princeton friend John Stewart Burgess invited him to do the surveys which resulted in Peking: A Social Survey, which included more than fifty photographs. In 1919 Gamble was on hand to capture dramatic photographs of the May Fourth demonstrations. The motto of the May Fourth Movement, "To save China through science and democracy," and the missionary ideal of "Saving China through Christianity" for a time seemed to be united. 
Jonathan Spence concludes of Gamble that his "findings were open-minded, clear headed, methodologically intelligent (though not always beyond criticism by scholars of different views), startlingly imaginative, and -- when presented in photographic form -- vigorous, ebullient, unsentimental, and starkly, yet never cruelly, illustrative of the deep and real suffering that lay at the heart of China's long revolution." 

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