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There is a tight link between the development of early non-western photography and colonial expansion. Early non-western photographs have been made in the colonial period by:

The Military;
For example: J. Dewan, The photographs of Linnaeus Tripe. A catalogue raisonné, Ontario 2003. Linnaeus Tripe (1822-1902), an army officer in the employment of the East India Company, served in the Indian Army.

The Missionaries
For example: J. van Alphen, Mensen voorbij de Grote Muur, Antwerpen 1990. “People at the other side of the Great Wall” contains photographs made by Catholic Missionaries in Jehol.

The Magistrates(Western colonial public servants):
For example: Ghesquiere, J. & Fris Larrouy, V.,  De la mer de Chine au Tonkin, photographies 1886-1904, Paris, 1996. Photographs made by consul and diplomat Auguste François.

The Merchants(photographers as merchants, merchants as photographers)
For example: S.Wachlin, Woodbury & Page, Photographers Java, Leiden 1994. 

The Makers(engineers, journalists, archeological and anthropological researchers)
For example: J.Skarbek, Steam Age in the Land of the Dragon, Warsaw 2001. Contains photographs made by the engineer Joseph Skarbek involved in the build-up of Chinese railway network. 

The Millionaires(“the well-to-do”) as travellers, photographers and hunters
For example: J.Falconer, From Bombay to Shanghai, Rotterdam 1994. Contains photographs made by Gerrit Verschuur, a well to do business man who sold his business to travel. 

They can be referred to as the 6 M’s.